3 Tips To Help Kids Love Brushing Teeth

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Getting your kids to settle down for the night, brush their teeth, and go to bed is a struggle for many parents. Often, the threat of cavities isn’t enough to inspire dutiful oral hygiene. However, with a few games, songs, and activities, you can make brushing your child’s favorite nighttime activity.

1. Let Your Child Make Dental Decisions

From late preschool and beyond, kids develop their sense of independence. Empower them to take ownership of their oral care by making a special shopping trip. Help them choose a favorite toothbrush, a yummy flavor of toothpaste, and their very own water cup. By letting them be involved, you develop their sense of personal responsibility. Let them feel proud of themselves!

2. Make Toothbrush Time Special

Transitioning from playtime to teeth time can be difficult. Make it easier with a transition song, which serves as a gentle cue, less invasive than a verbal reminder. Preschool and early elementary schools often use songs to ease children into new activities. For example, to the tune of Row Your Boat:

Brush, brush, brush your teeth,

Give them all a treat.

Brush up and down and all around,

To keep them clean and neat.

After singing, consider a short game before brushing. Colgate suggests creating an arts and crafts “Happy Tooth Wand,” which children can only play with during toothbrush time. Consider, also, allowing a reward for good brushing habits, such as an extra story at bedtime.

3. Invite Friends To The Toothbrush Party

Everyone’s going to be there! Elsa, Ariel, Spiderman, and even the Hulk. Animated friends on toothbrushes, cups, and mirrors can make the sink look like a playground, which is more tempting for kids. “Look how white Elsa’s teeth are. She must brush, just like you!” can help your child feel like playtime is still in session and brushing can be more than a chore.

With a little creative planning, parents can encourage kids to look forward to toothbrush time and visiting the dentist. Children find comfort in daily rituals, and the time you spend getting ready for bed gives you a few moments each night to share the importance of clean teeth and a happy smile.

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