Different Teeth Stains

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Everyone aspires to have teeth that are bright and shiny. Unfortunately, the highly pigmented foods and beverages we consume can discolor our teeth, making them appear less naturally white. Sometimes, teeth cleaning in Cary, NC, is not enough to restore the teeth.  

We all have to cope with staining and discoloration, but we don’t have to accept a smile that isn’t as brilliant. Below are the different types of tooth discoloration and how to fix it.  

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Teeth Stain Basics  

Intrinsic Stains

This type of stain happens inside the teeth and is frequently a sign of a bad habit. The teeth are affected by intrinsic discolorations from the inside out.   

Techniques for whitening the outer part of your teeth frequently do very little to remove intrinsic stains. Because of this, treating intrinsic conditions can be more challenging and time-consuming.  

Permanent treatments for discoloration are frequently beneficial for patients with inherent discoloration. Veneers can be used to restore enamel that has been lost or badly stained by an injury. Depending on how severe the tooth decay is, it may be necessary to remove the diseased tooth structure and repair the tooth with a filling, porcelain veneer, or porcelain crown.   

Dental implants may be required for some individuals to achieve the desired smile correction due to advanced tooth decay or severe tooth injuries.   

Extrinsic Stains

The most common type of dental stain is extrinsic stain. This type of stain is the most prevalent kind of dental discoloration; most say it is superficial. Extrinsic stains typically result from something you eat staining the outer enamel of the teeth.   

Teeth-whitening procedures can efficiently cure extrinsic sources of tooth discoloration to restore your white and beautiful teeth. The conventional technique for teeth whitening is tray bleaching. You put on form-fitting trays filled with a bleaching liquid for two to six hours per day over the course of two weeks.  

You can ask your dentist for other teeth-whitening treatments if you’re looking for a fast and efficient procedure. The procedures lighten teeth six to ten shades in an hour using hydrogen peroxide gel and light bleaching. With just one treatment, every in-office approach you choose considerably expedites the teeth-whitening process and results in brighter teeth.  

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Get Teeth Cleaning and Whitening in Cary, NC

The most significant and safest thing you can do for your teeth is to get them professionally cleaned at least twice a year. The same dentist can also provide whitening treatments that look amazing and work best for your teeth. Please schedule an appointment with us!