Do I Need Implants Over Dentures?

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In the past, a set of removable dentures was the only solution for missing teeth. But in recent years, new technology has offered substitutes and more sophisticated options. Today’s most cutting-edge method of replacing missing teeth is dental implants in Cary, NC, which also provide several benefits that cannot be obtained with conventional dentures.

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Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

They Function Like Natural Teeth

Aside from anchoring screws that resemble the roots of natural teeth, implants also feature screws that completely fuse with the jawbone, giving them a natural-looking appearance and feel. Many dental implant patients cannot tell the difference between their implants and their natural teeth because of how identical they seem. Dental implants can change your life when it comes to smiling, speaking, and eating, speaking with confidence.

They Support the Bone and Facial Structure

Teeth are more than simply physical features, and implants work similarly to teeth. The root of an implant is titanium, a screw-like part whose biocompatibility with bone enables the implant to be firmly secured in place. Your tooth replacement is permanent once the osseointegration has fixed the implant.  

Moreover, your facial and jaw structure is preserved and maintained by the way implants and teeth work with the bone. On the other hand, dentures and bridges increase the risk of jaw atrophy and resorption.

Only Option for Replacing Missing Teeth Permanently

Dental implants are the only alternative that is permanent, which is the main distinction between them and other conventional tooth replacements like dentures and bridges. Bridges and dentures are transient devices that need to be replaced or repaired.

They Require No Dietary Restrictions

You can eat anything you want once the surrounding bone and tissue around your implant have entirely healed. At that point, the metal post should have wholly fused to your jawbone.

The osseointegration process stabilizes the implant, enhancing its strength and security to par with your natural teeth. You can eat all your favorite items, even chewy and hard meals. Because of the stability that results from the implants’ lack of mobility that dentures tend to experience, dental implants allow you to eat whatever you crave.

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Where to Get Exceptional Dental Implants in Cary, NC

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