Don’t Forget About Your End-of-Year Insurance Benefits!

As we say farewell to the year, don’t forget to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits! It’s the end of the year, so you’ve a limited time to get your money’s worth of your dental insurance. You’ve been paying your monthly premiums all year long, so you deserve to reap the benefits for your dental health!

Need an extra push? Here are some excellent reasons to come visit us before the end of the year:

Annual Maximum Spend

The typical insurance company will provide its customers with an annual maximum spend (per person) for dental insurance. If you’ve reached this maximum, you’ve got benefits waiting!


Similar to maximum spend, once you reach your dental insurance deductible, your benefits are ready to be dispersed to you. It’s important that you use your benefits once you get past your deductible because they renew each year!

Dental Insurance Premiums

Your monthly premiums are surely a headache, so utilize the money that you are spending! Even if you haven’t yet reached your deductible for the year, you can still benefit from going to the dentist (besides obvious reasons) by making sure your premium payments have gone to a good cause–your mouth!

Oral Issues Don’t Get Better on Their Own

It’s good to visit the dentist regularly so that you are always in optimal oral health. By using your benefits or utilizing your premium payments at this time of year, you are getting the most out of your dental plan and you’re also taking care of yourself–which is why you have the insurance to begin with!

If you have dental insurance benefits to spare at the end of the year, then give Beavers Dentistry in Cary a call at 919-467-0654 or fill out our contact form. We are committed to your ultimate dental health!