Five Common Causes of Tooth Pain

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A bad tooth ache can ruin anyone’s day. Sharp pains and throbbing can make it difficult to concentrate, enjoy favorite foods, or even smile. Not only are tooth aches painful, but they can also cause anxiety due to worry regarding treatment plans.

We don’t anyone to suffer with a sore tooth or the apprehension associated with it, so here are five common causes of tooth pain and how they are typically treated.

Tooth Decay

Bacteria and plaque slowly dissolve teeth enamel, causing weak spots and eventually cavities. These holes in your enamel cause the exposed dentin inside your tooth to feel sensitive and/or sore. Treatment for tooth decay can often include a natural-colored filling.

Dental Abscess

When bacteria builds up inside your tooth’s pulp chamber, the resulting infection eventually drains out the tip of your tooth’s root. This causes a pressure build up, often leading to swelling and soreness. A pocket of pus can also develop around the affected tooth.

A dental x-ray will confirm the diagnosis and your dentist will be able to discuss treatment options. Depending on the severity of the abscess, your dentist may have to cut and drain it, but often a dental abscess can be treated with antibiotics to fight the infection.

Cracked Tooth

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. Despite that, bad habits like chewing on pens, opening packages with your teeth, or even crunching on ice can sometimes crack your teeth. A crack can cause intense pain when chewing and sensitivity to hot and cold foods/beverages.

Sometimes the crack may not be visible, hiding in the back of your tooth or even on the root. Treatment varies, depending on the location and direction of the crack, as well as the severity of the damage. It may be as simple as a filling or a crown or as in-depth as a root canal.

Gum Disease

Gingivitis and periodontitis are two types of gum disease caused by bacteria eating away at your gum-line, usually due to improper dental hygiene. Affected gums can become swollen and red, feel tender, and bleed easily. Over time, gums detach themselves from teeth, forming loose pockets that fill with bacteria and expose the roots.

Sometimes more attention to brushing and flossing, or a round of antibiotics, is enough to fight gum disease. However, periodontitis can require surgery to clean out the infected pocket and suture it to more snugly fit the tooth once again in serious cases.

Teeth Sensitivity

Sometimes, certain teeth develop sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. There are a number of treatments for teeth sensitivity, including brushing with specialized toothpastes, like Sensodyne, or carefully applying an extra dose of fluoride to your teeth. Let your dentist know if you’re developing teeth sensitivity, as it may indicate an underlying condition.

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