Five Foods & Drinks That Will Stain Your Teeth

is wine bad for your teeth

Quite often at Beavers Caring Family Dentistry, our staff is asked about how to get a brighter, whiter smile. While we do offer restorative dentistry to help turn back the clock on damaged teeth and teeth whitening to instantly give you a more vibrant smile, we like to teach our patients good oral hygiene even when they are not in our office.

Many foods and drinks that we consume on a regular basis actually have the ability to stain the enamel of our teeth, leaving them looking yellowed and dull. Below, we have outlined five of the biggest culprits, and how they affect your teeth.


While they certainly have plenty of health benefits, brightly colored fruits can stain teeth. If you are worried about harm caused by berries, try sticking to lighter fruit, such as green grapes, and be sure to brush and floss after you are done eating.

Red Wine

This one kind of ties in with berries, but red wine is one of the biggest causes of stained teeth. The acidic contents of the wine can cause staining and wear on tooth enamel. To avoid these issues be sure to rinse your mouth with water when you are finished with the wine.

Hard Candies

Much like how a hard candy can turn your tongue a different color, they can do the same to your teeth. As long as you keep your candy consumption minimal this should not be a major concern for most.


Coffee, especially dark roasts have been known to stain teeth. By diluting with milk or cream and drinking water afterwards it is possible to avoid some of the staining.


Tea, especially darker teas, can stain your teeth much like coffee. Some of the best ways to avoid stains from tea include, adding milk or sticking to lighter teas, such as green tea.

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