Beat Halloween Monster Mouth with these Candy Eating Tips!

It’s that spooky time of year when Halloween is upon us, and the horrors of candy consumption terrify parents and dentists everywhere! Don’t get too spooked this year, because we have listed 3 types of devilish treats to avoid and 3 types of angels food to enjoy!

The Scary Candy “Cat-a-Gory”

Halloween Candy Cat on a Pumpkin

  • Chewy/Sticky candies – Candy with caramel and taffy are notoriously bad. They stick to all parts of the mouth, and in between crevices leading to an increase in harmful bacteria. Candy like this can even pull out fillings!
  • Hard candy – Long lasting candies leave sugar in the mouth for long periods, allowing bacteria to grow and affect the teeth. Hard candy can also cause damage to the teeth when you try to chew or crush the candy
  • Sour candy – Highly acidic, sour candies allow an environment that breaks down tooth enamel quickly. Wait about 30 minutes before brushing if you do dabble in sour candies

A “Die-section” of the Treats To Eat

Halloween Candy Grim Reaper

  • Sugar-free gum – A great choice for a healthy mouth. Sugar-free gum can help stimulate saliva production, and can help by dislodging food particles stuck in the teeth
  • Sugar-free lollipops/hard candies – Although we said to avoid hard candies, moderation is the key here. Sugar-free options help stimulate saliva production helping to avoid plaque growth
  • Dark Chocolate – An excellent source of antioxidants, dark chocolate is known for it’s heart health benefits! With a lower sugar content by comparison to milk chocolate, dark chocolate is an excellent choice for a candy craving

Don’t Let Scary Candy Ruin Your Teeth, Call Beavers Dentistry for a “Treat”-ment!

Halloween festivities are fun for children of all ages, especially when candy is involved.

But if the scary Halloween candy monster invades your home, who are you gonna call? Beavers Dentistry! Our staff members are great with children and can help with all your general dentistry needs!

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