How Diets Can Damage Your Teeth

Did you know that some of the foods people consider “diet foods” will help you lose weight, but they can also have a detrimental effect on your teeth. That’s right; you could be damaging your teeth without even knowing it!

Weight loss supplements have the ability to damage your teeth, because certain supplements contain high levels of acid which can cause discoloration and lead to gum line recession. The same goes for a myriad of different cleanses, juices, and shakes that can contain extremely high levels of acid. The high levels of acid can lead to sensitivity in the teeth and file them down. Over-consuming these products can potentially lead to your mouth’s pH levels to drop, causing retention.

Soft Drinks

In addition to steering clear of an abundance of acid-based foods and drinks, it is absolutely essential to know how harmful drink diet (or any kind of) sodas truly can be. People tend to lean towards the diet sodas in order to avoid the calories of regular soda. However, people do not often realize that the high acid levels in sodas can cause major damage to your oral health.

When patients over consume diet sodas, their teeth are constantly being exposed to high levels of acid. Due to this, drinking too much soda can eventually lead to an oral catastrophe that you may not be prepared for.

Energy Drinks & Salad Dressings

Energy and sports drinks tend to be highly acidic as well, although energy drinks are overall harsher on the teeth than sports drinks. Salad dressings can also be highly acidic, and some people have such bad tooth retention due to these acidic foods.

How To Avoid Damaging Your Teeth?

How do you avoid damaging your teeth and get preventive care to avoid any issues? Dentists are urging their patients to be aware of the products are consume and how often they are consuming them. When you are motivated to lose weight, make sure your body gets a balance of foods you consume. In order to get the best advice on how to take care of your teeth, it is also important that you disclose any type of diet you may be on to your dentist. Healthy teeth are important to have; if you have any questions for your dentists regarding your diet’s effect on your teeth, it’s important to ask earlier than later!

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