How to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

As a parent, you know how important healthy teeth and gums are for your child’s overall health and well being. Not only do you help them set good at-home habits, like brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing, and limiting sugary drinks and foods, you also want to make sure they’re getting the right professional care. Whether you’re about to schedule your baby’s first dental appointment or you’re new to the area and need to establish care, we’re sharing our tips on finding the best pediatric dentist in Cary for your child.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Finding a dentist who practices pediatric dentistry is important because not only do children need a more comforting atmosphere where they feel safe and secure, they also have much different dental health needs compared to adults. In addition to regular teeth cleanings and checkups and treating cavities as needed, pediatric dentistry also focuses on identifying issues related to:

  • Tongue and lip ties;
  • Using baby bottles and pacifiers and how they can affect tooth development;
  • Enamel hypoplasia (a defect in enamel development resulting in thin enamel and an increased vulnerability to decay);
  • How the permanent teeth are coming in;
  • Whether or not orthodontics are necessary;

Children also benefit from specific dental procedures that may not be necessary for adults, such as fluoride treatments to reduce the risk of cavities and strengthen enamel, and sealants on premolars and molars to protect tooth enamel. You can also look for a practice that offers family dentistry in Cary so that your children get the specific, specialized care they need while you can get your dental health cared for, all in one convenient location!  


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Finding the Best Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

As you head to the internet to start looking for a pediatric dentist, you may be overwhelmed to find how many options there are in your area. So how do you find the best practice for your child?

Ask Other Parents

Our number one recommendation is to ask other parents. If you are planning your baby’s first visit, ask parents with older children. Parents of older children have been to their dentist’s office several times and know the dentist, and more likely their child has had more “invasive” procedures, like having a cavity filled or a baby tooth pulled. This means they’ll know their dentist a bit better than someone who has only taken their child in once or twice. Here are some questions you can ask other parents:

  • How much face-to-face time do you get with the dentist versus a dental hygienist or assistant?
  • Is the office friendly and welcoming for children of all ages?
  • Do they take time to explain procedures and what’s going on to both you and your child?

Read Online Reviews

Both Yelp and Google are good sources to read what other patients have experienced. Not only are overall “starred” reviews good to know what the general opinion of a pediatric dentist is, but reading the actual reviews lets you know more specific information. For example, you may notice common themes, maybe they are positive, like frequent mentions of how patient the staff is, how short the wait times are, and things like that. On the other hand, you may notice several reviews saying the offices aren’t kid-friendly or the dentist doesn’t spend much time with the parents and children.

Ask Your Pediatrician

If you have a pediatrician for your child who you trust, they may be able to recommend pediatric dentistry practices in Cary that you can reach out to. This is especially likely if your pediatrician has younger children of their own.

Questions You Can Ask Your Child’s Dentist

Once you choose a dentist, it’s important to get to know them. You should feel comfortable with your child’s dentist and confident in the care they’ll provide your child, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially at the first appointment with them. Depending on your child’s age or developmental needs, these are common questions:

  • How can I help my child feel comfortable during appointments?
  • How do I know that my child’s teeth are clean?
  • What are the safest ways to soothe teething pain?
  • Are fluoride treatments safe?
  • Are sealants safe to prevent cavities?
  • How will I know if my child needs braces?
  • How do I know when baby teeth are ready to come out?

You can also ask your dentist to show you how to floss a small child’s teeth or brush in a way that’s more effective. A good pediatric dentist is invested in the dental health of your child and will take the time to make sure you and your child are comfortable, confident, and well informed.  

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