Is It Painful to Get a Root Canal?

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Patients frequently experience anxiety before planned root canal procedures in Cary, NC. You’ll be happy to learn that most patients find the treatment of having root canal easier than expected. Unfortunately, root canals have a reputation for being unpleasant. Nowadays, it’s no longer the same.

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Root Canal Treatment is Not Painful

Sedation is Used

You won’t experience pain during the surgery as we work to keep your tooth. Before dentists even start the operation, they ensure that the surgical site is completely numb. Following the treatment and after your mouth has recovered its sensation, you’ll likely experience some discomfort. Don’t worry; we’ll send you home with thorough aftercare instructions to assist you in maintaining the site’s cleanliness and controlling your pain.

What to Expect

Dental professionals administer root canal therapy to heal inflamed or diseased pulp tissue, which can result in excruciating toothaches. Endodontic therapy is a viable option for treating this pain.

Thanks to local anesthesia and contemporary endodontic procedures, many patients find that having a root canal is no more painful than having a cavity filled. Most patients say they were at ease throughout the treatment, occasionally experiencing pressure and movement but no pain.

The first step in endodontic treatment is to numb the damaged tooth and the surrounding tissue with local anesthesia. The tooth is then cracked open so that one of the dentists can access the pulp and extract it. The tooth’s chamber and roots are cleaned, sculpted, and sterilized before being filled with a rubber-like substance to seal it and stop infection. Your general dentist will use a dental filling or crown to repair the treated tooth.

Patients frequently feel immediate relief when leaving the office, especially if they have been dealing with facial or dental pain in the days or weeks before their appointment. Despite common misconceptions, root canal therapy is a reasonably quick and painless technique to prevent the need for tooth extraction and replacement.

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Learn More About Getting a Root Canal in Cary, NC

Has your dentist informed you that you need root canal therapy? Do you have concerns regarding the endodontic therapy process or what to anticipate from a root canal? To make an appointment for an endodontist consultation, get in touch with us through this link.