Mouth Guards in Sports

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Do you or anyone you know engage in sports with the intention of injuring themselves? Probably not.  Participating in sports is a wonderful and fun way to achieve a healthy body. Unfortunately, it also comes with an assumed amount of risk, especially when it comes to dental injuries.

No matter the sport you’re playing, whether you’re an athlete or amateur, accidents are inevitable. Thankfully, the medical profession has come a long way and there are many ways to prevent these unfortunate circumstances.  Our dentist in Cary NC, highly advises that you play sports with appropriate protective gear – including a mouthguard.

Looking for a Dentist Cary NC?

What Kind of Mouth Guard Is for You?

Regular Mouth Guard

As emphasized by our dentist in Cary NC, wearing a mouth guard is the ideal way to protect your mouth from strong impact. A regular guard can protect your cheeks, lips, gums, tongue, and teeth. This is also the most inexpensive of your options. These can be purchased at almost any sports retailer and is pre-formed. Because it is not formed for your mouth, there can be increase difficulty when talking and breathing during the game, but it’s still better to have one than the alternative.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guard

Very similar to a regular mouth guard, this type can be purchased at most sports retailers – and sometimes, your local drug store. To use this guard, boil it in clean water until it is soft and flexible. Next, you’ll put the guard in your mouth and bite down, so it forms to your teeth. This is more comfortable than the regular; however, speaking may still be very difficult.

Custom Mouth Guard

Our dentist in Cary NC highly recommends a custom mouth guard if you plan to play sports regularly. These will be customized to fit the entire inside of your mouth, making it more comfortable when worn. Custom mouthguards are well worth the money you spend compared to other mouth guards and will protect your mouth without difficulty in talking or breathing!

Looking for a Dentist Cary NC?

Visit Your Dentist Cary NC

Knocked-out, chipped, and fractured teeth will send you straight to the dentist, likely unable to see the end of your game. When hit by sports-related dental injuries, it is essential you visit your dentist to prevent inflammation and infection. Schedule an appointment today at Beavers Dentistry and get fitted for your custom guard.