Show Off Your Bright Smile

Everyone should be proud to show off their smile. Our teeth are part of who we are, and this is why it is important to take care of our mouths, and smile!

Brush After Your Floss

One of the first questions we often ask our patients during each visit is “How often do you floss?” Unfortunately, flossing is not very common and the average person in America only uses a yard’s worth of floss in a year. A yard should only last a week!

We would like to suggest that our patients floss at least once a day, and before they brush their teeth. We suggest this order so that you can clean away any food particles you knocked loose after a daily flossing.

Brush Thoroughly and Brush Often

Keeping your teeth clean is an extremely important step when it comes to effective oral hygiene. Regular brushing habits will help to fight against plague build-up. With the help of your toothpaste, regularly brushing your teeth can help to keep them white and cavity free!

Remember to Smile!

Smiling should come naturally and should happen often. Smiling shares a happy mood with those around you and it is important to us for our patients to r teeth as often as possible. Smiling can improve your mood and those around you!

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