Are You Wearing the Right Sports Mouth Guard?

You may not have ever considered this, but not all athletic mouth guards are the same. Have you ever watched a football game and noticed that some mouth guards are attached to the face mask while others are detached but have a big rubber piece covering the mouth? Learn more about the different types offered and which would be right for you.

Standard Mouth Guards

This category of mouth guards covers the wear-ability and quality of protection

  • Stock – An inexpensive guard, that is preformed and ready to wear. Very bulky, making talking and breathing difficult. Not a highly recommended option
  • Boil and Bite – Made from a thermoplastic material, this guard offers a more customized fit offering good protection. Drop the guard into hot water to soften the material, then place in the mouth and shape around the teeth using the fingers and tongue
  • Custom Fit – A mouth guard that offers the most protection. Professionally designed to fit a specific individual’s mouth, this guard is more expensive than guards purchased at a sporting goods store. This type of guard is recommended for athletes with braces

The best mouth guard is one that has been custom fit by a dentist, allowing athletes to breathe, speak and drink with ease. However, any form of teeth protection is better than nothing, especially when it’s cheaper that replanting a tooth and follow up dental treatment!

Novelty Mouth Guards

Mouth guards have additional functionality that contributes to longer, more comfortable support to the user

  • Flavored – Infused with flavor, these mouth guards add a degree of enjoyment to the wearer. Flavors help increase the desire to wear the guard during activity
  • Lip Protector – This type of guard has extra rubber covering the lips as an added layer of protection for the outer mouth area
  • Air Flow Chamber – When the teeth are clenched, a small opening allows air passage to increase oxygen intake during activity

Are You and Your Family Wearing the Right Sports Guard?

To make sure you are fitted properly and are receiving the best protection possible, bring your sports guard with you during your next appointment. We can check to see if the guard is providing maximum protection and comfort. If you do not have a guard or wear braces, Beavers Dentistry offers custom sports guards to our patients.

Give us a call at (919) 467-0654 or complete the contact form to get the best fit for your sports guard!