Tasty Foods That Can Strengthen Teeth Enamel

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Our teeth are constantly being worn down by what we eat and the sweets that naturally find their way into our lives. We know that tooth enamel is quite hard, and our Cary Family Dentistry wants to help you keep them that way. It is OK to eat junk foods and sweets in moderation, but there are certain food groups you should eat to keep our teeth strong and healthy!


Calcium rich food such as milk and cheeses are the first group to consider. Our teeth are made of calcium, and it would make sense to target this food group to keep them strong. Some of our patients are lactose intolerant, and there are calcium sources available to everyone! There are options such as enriched soy milk that make a great substitute and source of calcium.


As your parents have often told you, eat your vegetables! Carrots, sweet potatoes, cooked spinach, cabbage, kale and butternut squash all contain high levels of beta-carotene that can help to build up healthy enamel. Sometimes there are hidden advantages to listening to your parents!


Chicken and fish are two proteins containing little fat and are rich in phosphorous that can help build the enamels that protect your teeth. These meats are typically easy to chew and digest a winning combination in out book.

The most important thing at the end of the day is for you to brush and floss. No matter how great your diet is,  maintain your cleaning routine to keep your pearly white’s clean and healthy!

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