The Advantages of Root Canal Treatment 

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Let’s face it: root canals don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to patient comfort. In fact, some people will jokingly compare a root canal to something else unpleasant, implying something is about as pleasant as a root canal. But here’s the deal: it’s not all bad! Early root canals may have been unpleasant, but today, having a root canal in Cary, NC, is a piece of cake.  

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The Top 3 Reasons to Get a Root Canal

There are several reasons why an endodontic treatment is the best option if you have an infected tooth. Here are three fantastic reasons to get a root canal: 

Put an End to the Pain

People go to the dentist for a variety of reasons, the most common of which being dental pain or discomfort. The goal of a root canal is to remove the source of discomfort by treating exposed nerves and infection in the pulp. 

Protect Surrounding Teeth

An infection in the tooth cavity may cause a toothache or tooth decay. The bacteria that cause the infection will be eliminated during root canal therapy. The tooth will be cleaned and disinfected after the bacteria has been removed, which prevents the source of pain.  

There is no opportunity for bacteria to spread when the affected tooth is treated. 

Prevents the Jawbone from Degenerating

The preservation of the tooth is one of the benefits of root canal treatment. The jawbone is preserved when teeth are kept strong and healthy. When a tooth is absent, the jawbone degenerates over time. 

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Do You Think You Need a Root Canal in Cary, NC?

Root canals aren’t nearly as unpleasant as the public perceives them to be. In the long term, a little bit of unpleasantness could save you a lot of misery. A root canal at Beavers Dentistry can help you save your tooth today.