The Great Gum Debate: Is Chewing Gum Good for Teeth?

best chewing gum for teeth

While there is great debate on the subject, many patients want to know once and for all — is chewing gum good or bad for teeth? Although there is no simple, clear-cut answer here, the short answer is yes! Chewing gum can be beneficial for healthy oral hygiene, but there are many kinds and some are better than others.

Chewing gum increases the saliva flow in your mouth, which serves as a great way to neutralize acids to help prevent tooth decay. Plus, chewing gum has the added benefit of freshening your breath, an important factor in good oral hygiene. Generally, to maximize the benefits of this it is best to chew gum for about 20 minutes following a meal.

How Do I Pick the Right Gum?

There are benefits to chewing gum for your dental health, however, that does not simply mean any type of gum will do the trick. The first thing you should look for is the official seal of the American Dental Association (ADA). Seeing this seal on the package is a way to certify the claims a gum make on the packaging are actually true. To date, the only gums that have received this stamp of approval are sugar free gums.

While any chewing gum will have the same effect of increasing saliva flow, the sugars in some gum can be used by bacteria and plaque to produce the acids that cause tooth decay, canceling out a bit of the benefit.

Remember, Chewing Gum is Not a Replacement for Our Caring Family Dentistry

By making informed decisions, feel free to keep chewing gum as you please. While there are some clear benefits of doing so, gum will not replace brushing your teeth, flossing or regular dentist appointments. If you are in need of cosmetic, restorative or general dental care, trust Beavers Caring Family Dentistry in Cary. Make an appointment today by calling 919-467-0654 or filling out our online contact form.