Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Clean on the Go

Everyone knows that you should brush and floss your teeth 2-3 times a day, but keeping your teeth clean between morning and night maintenance can be a bit tricky. As a general principle, you should avoid sugary foods and drinks and drink lots of water. Need some more advice? Read on for some extra tooth-tacular tips!

Rinse Your Teeth After Every Meal

One of the best ways to ensure your mouth stays clean between meals is to rinse your mouth with water after each time you eat. This rids your teeth of excess food, plaque, or acids.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum Between Meals

Another way to keep your teeth and gums clean after eating is by chewing some sugar-free gum. In a pinch, sugar-free gum functions as a substitute for brushing as it stimulates saliva flow, thus naturally cleansing your mouth.

Family Brushing Teeth

Brush At Lunch

Buy a travel size toothbrush, container of toothpaste, and floss. Keep these with you in your purse, or desk drawer, so that you can clean your mouth after a meal and throughout the day. This will inhibit tooth decay and maintain the freshness of your breath!

Keep Your Snacking Healthy

When junk food gets stuck in your teeth it can increase plaque and, subsequently, your chance of getting cavities. If you snack healthy, though, your teeth won’t suffer quite as badly. Snacks like vegetables, nuts, and cheese are better for your teeth than sugary snacks that can wear down your enamel.

No Excess Sugar

Stop drinking sodas and eating candies! If you can’t resist your sweet tooth, make sure your swish your mouth with water after you indulge.

Need a Tooth-Cleaning in Cary?

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