3 Tips To Help Your Child Not Fear Going To The Dentist

Many children dread going to the dentist and it can be hard to encourage them to go. Here are a few tips that our Cary dentist office have found helpful for other patients with children..

Start Going To The Dentist Early

Make sure that you start taking your children to the dentist early so they get used to going. Try to make them familiar with the dentist by reading children’s books about dentists. This can make them more familiar and less apprehensive about getting their teeth cleaned.

Do Something Fun After

It can be helpful to make sure that they have happy associations with their trip to the dentist. However, experts suggest that you should not bribe your children, because this can often cause them to think of the dentist as something negative.

Don’t Make It A Big Deal

Often kids get apprehensive about vising the dentist because their parents make it a big deal, and the more the parents seem nervous about the dentist, the more the kids will react negatively! Try to keep things light and joke around with your kids. Smile and tell them how good their teeth will feel afterwords.

Provide Comfort

Try to comfort your children and let them bring their favorite toy, or stuffed animal along for the visit. Reassure them that their trip will be a good thing and help them keep their smile pretty and their teeth health.

Choose a Family Dentist

It is important that you take your children to an environment that they will feel welcome in. At Beavers Caring Family Dentistry, we make sure that children are comfortable and relaxed in a kid friendly environment!

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