Available Treatments for a Broken Tooth

Where can I go for a Broken Tooth Cary NC?

Dealing with a broken tooth is not as rare as you think. Even though human teeth are extremely tough and difficult to break, they are still susceptible to fracture, crack, and wear. If you have a broken tooth in Cary, NC, you should see a dentist before this damage makes your tooth vulnerable to infections.

Where can I go for a Broken Tooth Cary NC?

What are the Broken Tooth Treatments?

Dental Implants

Primarily, dental implants are availed by patients who have a missing or lost tooth. However, this dental treatment can also address other concerns like broken teeth. For instance, when a tooth breaks below the bone or gum level, your dentist will perform a laser gingivectomy to clear and repair it. In case the damaged tooth reaches below the gingiva, the best option is to extract it and install dental implants.

Root Canal and Dental Crowns

A root canal is necessary to treat broken teeth when the injury reached the pulp. If this is the case, your dentist will start cleaning your tooth and removing the affected pulp. Once it can be ascertained that the remaining portion of your tooth is still in good condition, the root canal treatment will begin. After such treatment, your dentist will advise you to get dental crowns to protect the affected. Dental crowns are useful when your tooth is in poor condition.

Dental Bonding

Otherwise known as tooth bonding, dental bonding is a treatment that uses soft composite resin to cover the cracks or chips on the teeth. The composite resin applied to your teeth is designed to be pliable. Hence, your dentist can polish and shape it according to how your natural teeth look like.

Ceramic Filling

To strengthen and restore your broken tooth, ceramic filling is also one of the most effective ways to do it. According to studies, this dental treatment approximately restores your tooth to its natural condition, 98% higher than other treatments.

Where can I go for a Broken Tooth Cary NC?

Fix Broken Tooth in Cary NC

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