Types of Dental Crown Material

two dental crowns in Cary NC placed on a teeth mold

Dental crowns in Cary, NC, are tooth-shaped coverings that protect permanent teeth compromised by disease, trauma, or decay. They are available in both permanent and temporary varieties.   

Crowns can also help you smile more attractively while preventing further harm to other teeth. The most popular dental crown material choices are porcelain, metal, or resin.  

two dental crowns in Cary NC

Different Types of Material for Dental Crowns

Lithium Disilicate Crowns

Lithium disilicate, a kind of all-ceramic crown, is the most recent development in dental crown technology. With this kind of crown, dentists can quickly alter a light, thin denture to fit each patient’s natural tooth.   

With this dental crown, you will have a beautiful and strong appearance. They do cost more than ordinary dental crowns. Some dentists claim that utilizing disilicate crowns for many back teeth restorations have resulted in substantial failures.   

Composite Dental Crowns

Dental composite, a resin substance, is used in dental bridges or crowns between teeth. Due to its flexibility and resistance to decay, it offers attributes comparable to those of natural teeth despite being artificial.   

The most economical alternative does not perform as well in terms of strength and durability. To have dental composite crowns replaced, you might need to go to the dentist frequently. They are a great alternative for individuals who require front and back teeth restoration but cannot tolerate metal and porcelain crowns.  

Zirconia or Porcelain-Fused Zirconia Crowns

All types of ceramics, including dental restorations, are made with zirconia. This substance has qualities that balance hardness and elasticity, making it a great material for dental crowns. Zirconia crowns are more aesthetically pleasing and less prone to fracture than PFM crowns.  

These crowns don’t require several dentist appointments and are easier to install. Without sending the zirconia crown to a dental laboratory, your dentist can cut, shape, and have it firmly bonded.   

Ceramic and Porcelain Crowns  

Your front teeth will benefit greatly from porcelain or ceramic crowns. They look entirely real when applied over the entire tooth because they closely resemble your neighboring teeth’ size, shape, and color.  

Because there is no metal on the sides to collect dirt, a ceramic dental crown is also very simple to maintain. They are also non-toxic and safe for those with metal allergies because they don’t contain any metal.

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