Viral Tooth Pulling the Next Big Trend?

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We live in an age of selfie sticks, hashtags and memes. The Internet is filled with funny, strange and interesting trends, but one that has caught our attention recently is people pulling loose teeth in different ways.

While many of us know the old home remedy of trying a string to a doorknob, some people have been coming up with creative new ways to get rid of loose baby teeth.

As experienced dental professionals we need to insist that you try none of these methods at home but please enjoy watching.

Dr. Parrot Pulls a Tooth

Anton Androshchuk, a boy from Washington, needed a little help getting rid of a tricky loose tooth. Anton’s parrot seems quite proficient as this video demonstrates the bird pulling a tooth from Androshchuk

Gold Medal Worthy Extraction

Former Olympic gold medalist, Bryan Clay, was able to find a good use for his javelin throwing talents after his retirement. Clay’s daughter Ellie actually came up with the idea of having her dad put his skills to use to help her get rid of a loose tooth.

Using Horsepower to Remove a Tooth

Here we have professional wrestler, Rob Venemous, using his Camaro to pull his son’s tooth. Thankfully, the stunt went off without issue and didn’t turn into something out of one of Venemous’ matches.

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