What to Expect When Visiting a Family Dentist?

What can I find at Family Dentistry Cary North Carolina?

When it comes to treating the whole family, you want a dental team that you can trust! From bi-annual cleanings to help you reach your smile goals, it’s important that your dental professionals are trained in general dental services and treatments for smiles of all ages. Our team at Beavers Dentistry is well-versed in family dentistry in Cary North Carolina for every stage of a patient’s dental journey.

What can I find at Family Dentistry Cary North Carolina?

What Can We Expect from Family Dentistry?

Gum Disease Treatment

A lot of professionals engaged in family dentistry in Cary North Carolina provide treatments and services that help patients establish a good oral routine. Gum disease is one of the many issues that could arise if a good hygienic routine is not implemented. To treat this, a dentist may use methods like antibiotics, gum flap surgery, and deep cleanings.

Cavity Checks

Cavities are very common. Thankfully, family dentists are experienced in treating and preventing the development of cavities. To treat a cavity, dental fillings are typically placed during a single visit. Furthermore, A filling will remove tooth decay with minimal discomfort and restore the normal function of your tooth.

Regular Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments

Cleanings and fluoride treatments are a regularly used preventative practice for patients of all ages. However, in children who are more prone to cavities, sealants may also be used.

Overall, regular 6-month cleanings are an essential family dentistry service that every patient should avail. This ensures your family will stay in good oral health with less concern for cavities or further dental work.

What can I find at Family Dentistry Cary North Carolina?

Learn More About Family Dentistry Cary North Carolina

Every family dentistry office you visit will be unique in their own way. They will offer these services and maybe a few extras! Family dentists like our team here at Beavers Dentistry want to guarantee that your family will always have a positive dental experience. Book your appointment now to learn more about our dental services.