What’s So Wise about Wisdom Teeth?

What are wisdom teeth and why do we have them? The truth is, they are a relic of our ancestors. Due to harsh living conditions and diets that caused extreme wear on the teeth, past humans developed an additional set of molars that would aid in chewing. Current diets that don’t require chewing through hard substances have removed the necessity of wisdom teeth. Also, advances in dental care have created ways to keep your teeth straight, preventing the easy eruption of wisdom teeth.

Are Wisdom Teeth Really Wise?

The third molars, affectionately known as the “wisdom teeth” develop during young adulthood and begin to erupt around ages 17-25, also known as the “age of wisdom.” Here are some reasons why we think having your wisdom teeth removed is the wise decision!

Difficult to clean – wisdom teeth are so far back in the mouth, that cleaning them can be a problem. This leads to increased harmful bacteria growth which can cause plaque buildup and gingivitis

Misalignment – these teeth are often the culprits for damaging perfectly straight teeth. If there isn’t enough room in your jaw to accommodate eruption, then you can almost guarantee wisdom teeth will begin pushing around your other teeth to make room

Pain/swelling – some wisdom teeth erupt crooked, or sideways and can put pressure on the existing teeth causing discomfort. Food can even become stuck between the tooth and gums leading to infection

Are You Smart Enough to Lose a Little Wisdom?

If you are feeling discomfort or swelling in the mouth, then you may have too much wisdom! Our Cary dental office can help you determine if removing your wisdom teeth is a good option for you. We offer diagnostic x-rays to get a clear picture of any potential problems. Be smart and give us a call at (919) 467-0654 or complete our contact form to schedule a visit!