What’s the Best Toothbrush to Use?

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Everybody has been there: contemplating which toothbrush to buy while standing in the oral care aisle. What ought to be a simple choice has become an exercise in analysis paralysis. How do you choose the best toothbrush when there are so many options? Here’s the take of an expert in general family dentistry in Cary, NC.

There are certain important factors to consider, including ADA approval, soft bristles, and a toothbrush with size 30 or 35 bristles. But those aren’t the only factors to take into account.

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Factors That’ll Help You Choose Your Toothbrush

As Per the Experts

In choosing the perfect toothbrush for you, you’ll have to consider the following:

  • Fundamentals of selecting a toothbrush
  • Whether manual or electric toothbrushes fits your lifestyle
  • Type of toothbrush as suggested by your dentist to help your recent dental condition

It can be challenging to choose a toothbrush, but it doesn’t have to be.

Type of Toothbrush

Electric versus manual toothbrushes has long been a topic of discussion. While most dental professionals concur that both are useful for preserving oral health, a Harvard School of Medicine study suggested that powered brushes may be superior to manual ones. Below are the reasons:

  • Simplicity – People frequently use an electric toothbrush and brush for the suggested two minutes. Additionally, they need less effort to use, which makes them perfect for persons with mobility problems.
  • Thorough Cleaning – A rotating or vibrating brush head is a feature found on many electric toothbrushes. By removing more plaque from the gumline and between your teeth, these features make brushing more efficient.

Electric toothbrushes are available in different forms and have numerous functionalities. Manual vibrating toothbrushes are an excellent way to get started with electric brushes. They resemble manual brushes in both appearance and feel, but they also contain a button that makes the bristles vibrate. By spinning so quickly that they produce sonic waves, these toothbrushes remove microorganisms from the mouth.

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