Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure is Right for You?

If you’re struggling with yellowed, stained teeth, crooked teeth, or even missing teeth, this can cause you to feel self-conscious, negatively affect your confidence, and even hold you back from enjoying life! You may be considering cosmetic dentistry in Cary to restore a healthy, vibrant smile, but you’re not sure what procedure is right for you or even what your options are. That’s why we want to provide you with a closer look at the most common services related to cosmetic dental work. 

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. This is a painless, safe way to remove years of stains caused by smoking, red wine, and coffee drinking and give you a bright, white smile. All the dentist does is apply a gentle, peroxide-based gel solution to the  teeth and let it sit for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the severity of discoloration.  The end result is a smile that’s several shades whiter than before that can last up to two years with proper dental care. 

Who is Teeth Whitening for?

If you have otherwise healthy teeth but have some staining and yellowing, this is an effective option that will leave you with a gleaming smile and improved confidence. 

Dental Veneers

For teeth that have minor damage or are crooked or misshapen, dental veneers can improve the appearance of both the shape and shade of your teeth. Made from porcelain or a resin composite, veneers are ultra-thin, stain-resistant shells that are custom-made, then permanently bonded to cover the fronts of your individual teeth. While this is a more involved cosmetic dentistry procedure due to the customized shape and crafting, the long-term effects and the incredible improvement in the look of your teeth is well worth it. 

Who Are Dental Veneers Right For?

If you have misshapen, chipped, or discolored teeth, or you have gaps between your teeth, dental veneers are an excellent way to cover those cosmetic issues. 

Dental Crowns

For individual teeth that are damaged and need to be repaired for both functional and cosmetic purposes, dental crowns can provide an excellent solution. Often used after a root canal, to restore a broken tooth, or to protect a weak tooth, a dental crown acts as a cap that totally covers the tooth and is bonded to it to ensure a secure fit that allows complete functionality.

Made from durable, stain-resistant porcelain, the crown combines restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Cary by enhancing the look of your smile while also ensuring the existing tooth is well protected from potential or additional damage.  Placing a crown over a tooth is painless and generally causes little to no discomfort. 

Who Are Dental Crowns Right For?

If you need a root canal or you have broken teeth and would like an alternative to pulling the tooth, a dental crown is an option to consider.

Dental Implants

When teeth are missing or a damaged tooth can’t be restored, dental implants are permanent solutions to replace a tooth, or in some cases, a full set of teeth. Dental implants act as a more convenient, attractive alternative to dentures and partials because they don’t rest on top of the gum. Instead, a dental implant has a metal or titanium post grafted into the jawbone with an attractive, fabricated tooth fitted to the top. While this sounds like it may be painful, it’s actually an easier process than you may imagine, and with anesthesia, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure and only mild discomfort afterwards.  

Dental implants are a more convenient, attractive option because they don’t shift or move around, nor do they require adhesive to stay stable. They’re permanently attached and feel natural and comfortable. 

Who Are Dental Implants Right For?

If you have missing teeth or would like a comfortable, more functional alternative to dentures, dental implants are an excellent option. 

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