Will My Tooth Change Color After a Root Canal?

man looking in the mirror after Root Canal in Cary NC

Root canal treatment: a lifesaver for your tooth, but what about its future color? While the procedure itself shouldn’t directly stain your tooth, discoloration after a root canal in Cary, NC, is a concern for some patients. Let’s explore the reasons behind this and the options available to maintain a bright smile. 

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Why Teeth Discolor After Root Canals 

The root canal process removes the inflamed pulp, the living tissue inside your tooth. However, microscopic channels called dentinal tubules can still trap blood or tissue remnants. Over time, these can break down and cause the tooth to darken. Additionally, a dead tooth is more prone to staining from things like coffee, tea, or red wine. 

Not All Discolored Teeth Need Fixing 

The good news is that not all teeth that undergo root canals become noticeably discolored. Some people might not experience any shade change at all. However, if your tooth looks significantly darker than the others, it might be a cause for concern. 

Talking to Your Dentist 

If you’re worried about discoloration after a root canal, talk to your dentist. They can assess the severity and recommend solutions. Here are a few options: 

  • Crowns: These tooth-shaped caps cover the entire visible part of the tooth, restoring its color and strength. 
  • Internal Bleaching: For mild discoloration, a bleaching agent can be placed inside the tooth to lighten it. 
  • Monitoring: Sometimes, the discoloration is subtle enough to simply monitor and address if it worsens. 

Prevention is Key 

While discoloration can happen, practicing good oral hygiene can minimize the risk. Brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and avoiding staining foods and drinks can all help.  Regular dental checkups allow your dentist to identify any potential issues early on. 

discolored tooth after Root Canal in Cary NC

A Saved Tooth with a Root Canal in Cary NC, is a Happy Tooth  

If you’re noticing changes in your tooth color following a root canal, or if you’re experiencing discomfort that suggests you might need one, don’t hesitate to contact us at Beavers Dentistry. Our expert team is dedicated to preserving your natural smile and ensuring your dental health is at its best. Contact us today!