Night Guards for Bruxism & TMJ Dysfunction

Grinding and clenching your teeth (Bruxism) might seem like a natural response to focusing, handling pain, or dealing with stress or anxiety.

Grinding or clenching your teeth from time to time won’t do your teeth any harm, but consistent overuse of your teeth from grinding can cause more serious dental problems. This is why night guards can be such an effective solution for teeth grinding, as they can prevent further damage to your teeth at night.

What is Bruxism & TMJ Dysfunction?

The most common way that people grind their teeth is at night while they are sleeping. Because of this, most people don’t recognize that they grind their teeth until they visit their dentist. Some basic signs of teeth grinding at night are:

  • A sore or stiff jaw in the morning
  • A dull headache when you wake up
  • Your teeth are painful or sensitive

Bruxism can not only damage the surfaces of your teeth and chip away at your tooth enamel, but it can also cause TMJ dysfunction. This creates pain in your jaw joint, and can impede jaw movement. If allowed to progress, TMJ dysfunction can make it difficult to eat or chew, as well as prevent you from fully opening your mouth.

What are Night Guards?

The most common way to stop teeth grinding at night is to wear a custom-fitted mouth guard while you sleep. This mouth guard acts like a barrier between your top and bottom teeth, providing a cushion when you attempt to grind or clench. Here at Beavers Dentistry, we will make sure your custom night guard is comfortable to wear.

At Beavers Dentistry in Cary, NC, we are dedicated to bringing you your healthiest and brightest smile. For more information about our services in custom night guards by our board-certified and experienced team, contact our office today!

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