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At Beavers Dentistry, we focus on providing excellent patient care and customer service.

This includes providing you with the resources you need for dental visits, informational blogs about dental care, and some of our patient reviews!

Cary Dental Patient Forms

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“I've always had a very good experience with Dr. Wayne and Dr. Keith over the past 15 years or so. They are also great with the kids, making them feel comfortable and turning the dentist visit into a treat rather than something they don't want to do.”

- Anna M.

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“Dr. Beavers's practice is the best of the best. The staff is very kind and takes the time to learn the latest and greatest techniques in dental science.”

- Chris W.

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“Everyone in this office is super nice! Especially Dr. Beavers - such a sweet guy. Its a pleasure having him as a dentist!”

- Ashley D.