Surprising Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

fruits and vegetables suggested by a dentist in Cary, NC

An esteemed dentist in Cary, NC, will emphasize that foods healthy for your teeth are high in minerals and low in sugar. In essence, eating healthy foods benefits both your body and your teeth.

To guarantee that you are getting enough calcium and antioxidants to combat tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel, include healthy amounts of dairy and seafood in your diet.

fruits suggested by a dentist in Cary, NC

Ideal Food for Your Teeth

Non-Sugary Dairy Products

Reaching for the cheeseboard is a fantastic way to start a meal. Hard cheese is especially beneficial because it includes casein, a protein that helps strengthen tooth enamel.

In addition to water, milk is an excellent beverage for teeth since it contains a lot of calcium, which also helps combat tooth decay and lower mouth acidity levels. Moreover, calcium and probiotics in yogurt aid in preventing tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

Water-Rich, Crunchy Food

Crunchy foods encourage salivation. They eliminate food stains on the tooth surface and act as natural teeth cleaners. Crunchy yet watery foods are conveniently portable for daily snacking at work, school, or play. Introduce these healthy foods to kids when they’re young, so they will learn to love them.

  • Celery – This raw vegetable is beneficial for our teeth as well as the body. Because of its strands’ high fiber content, think of it as natural dental floss.
  • Carrots – Raw carrots help promote saliva production in the mouth since they are tough and require a lot of chewing. Additionally, their roughness makes it easier to scrub the tooth surfaces gently.
  • Apples – They taste good and have a lot of water in them.

Calcium and Phosphorus Sources

The remineralization process, which happens naturally in our teeth, replaces the lost minerals. However, minerals are lost and not naturally replaced when the acidity level is high and the enamel, the top coating of the teeth, may deteriorate as a result.

Calcium is essential because it keeps the bones strong and healthy. However, it performs better when paired with phosphorus. They support the restoration of the lost minerals in your teeth.

dentist in Cary, NC suggests that you eat an apple

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