The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Service for You

woman at the dentist in Cary NC with a broken tooth and in pain

You’ve probably thought about changing your smile. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What’s the best dental course of action for me?” especially when you experienced a broken tooth in Cary, NC. 

Nearly all patients seeking cosmetic dentistry services come to dentists to improve their smile, but they lack specific treatment plans and are unsure of the most effective ways to do so. We step in to help with that. 

Your knowledgeable multidisciplinary team will determine the best treatment for you and your budget after carefully considering all your options.

woman in Cary NC with a broken tooth and in pain

Cosmetic Dental Treatments That’ll Enhance Your Smile 

Dental Bonding 

It is the best option if you have various cosmetic issues and are looking for an affordable and quick solution to hide them. Your dentist will restore your damaged teeth using expertly molded composite material that has been custom-made.  

Dental bonding can produce noticeable results in just one dental visit, whether your teeth are chipped, permanently discolored, unevenly spaced, or simply need to be freshened up. 

Teeth Whitening 

One of the most popular procedures for transforming smiles is teeth whitening! We have dentists who are renowned experts in teeth whitening! 

  • Dentists will give you a customized whitening regimen to ensure you get the best results from your tooth whitening treatment. 
  • Most teeth whitening regimens include professional whitening gel and custom-made trays to safely whiten your teeth at home. 
  • Your teeth’s color is entirely under your control, so you can choose a subtle improvement or build up your results for a more exceptional makeover. 
  • Everything recommended to keep your sparkling whites will be available to you. If a licensed dentist prescribes your procedure, at-home teeth whitening is safe. 

Gum Restoration 

What do you notice about your smile when you stare at the mirror and look at your teeth? Do you primarily notice your teeth or do your gums extend below the level of your lips? The purpose of your gums is to frame and beautify your teeth.  

However, a straight and healthy smile may be compromised if your gum line is uneven or has too much tissue. It can be softly shaped to create a more evenly spaced and symmetrical smile.

woman fixing her broken tooth in Cary NC

Got a Broken Tooth in Cary, NC and Want to Restore Your Smile?

If you want to make your smile better, get a hold of us for more information.